An Inclusive City

Eastpointe is more diverse than it has ever been and I want our new residents to get involved with the city and know the city appreciates them being engaged. Our Boards and Commissions are the perfect opportunity for residents to get involved and have their voices and actions make change in Eastpointe. As Mayor, I will work to have our Boards and Commissions full of diverse minds and people so that we can have everyone at the table discussing Eastpointe’s future.

Improving our Parks

Eastpointe is home to eight parks and a few pieces of public art. I want to see further investment into our public spaces to ensure we maintain and expand the quality of our parks and bring creative interest to Eastpointe. As Mayor, I will continue the work that has already begun on improving our parks for the future and I will support initiatives to bring public art and placemaking strategy to the City.

Regional Positioning

Eastpointe is the Gratiot Avenue, "Gateway to Macomb County". I believe we need to leverage our geographic location to bring investment into the city. Investment can mean new businesses, regional transportation, and commercial renovations, but it can also mean new residents moving into the city, looking for quality homes in nice neighborhoods where they can easily get to work each day. I believe that Eastpointe offers so much to both residents and business owners and as Mayor I will proudly represent the assets we have to offer the region.

A Strong Ethics Policy

Eastpointe’s ethics policy needs to be updated to further define what its elected officials are and are not allowed to do. The adoption of a stronger more specific ethics policy will show our residents that we take our role seriously and that we want to avoid any possible conflicts of interest. As Mayor, and now as a Councilperson, I promise to always act ethically and make decisions with an impartial mind.

Transparency and Competetive Contracts

Eastpointe’s Mayor and City Council are tasked with spending your property tax dollars, among other duties. It is critically important to me that we do so with the utmost respect for the public trust. Since beginning on City Council, I have consistently voted for an open bid process. As Mayor, I will continue to fight for transparency in the spending of public tax dollars.

Downtown Development

Eastpointe's downtown has existed since 1986, and since then there have been incremental investments. And because our Downtown brings in a limited revenue stream, it is even more important to make smart investment decisions. Recently we invested in refuge islands and other safety improvements at Nine Mile and Gratiot. The refuge islands not only slow traffic to make it safer for pedestrians, but also provide an additional path for pedestrians. We also recently approved an Ordinance allowing soliciting for non-profits at street corners, and the refuge islands will help foster a safe environment.